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  February Web Sites  
  Featured sites by topic listed HERE  

Black History Month

  Britannica Guide to Black History  

PBS Videos: African American Studies

  PBS Videos: Civil Rights Movement  
  African American Odyssey  
  Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad  
  African American World  
  African American Lives  
  African American Women's Museum  
  Africans in America  
  Scholastic News Black History Month  
  Historic Places of the Civil Rights Movement  
  Powerful Days in Black and White  
  Images of Black Americans (19th Century)  
  African American History Challenge  
  African-American Women  
  Slavery in New York  
  African American Life in the Jim Crow South  
  The African-American Mosaic  
  The Slave Trade  
  African American Experience in Ohio  
  Dental Health Month  
  My Smile Kids  
  Healthy Teeth  
  Kids Stuff  
  To Tell the Tooth Game  
  Word Matching Game  
  Sesame Street: Brush Those Teeth  
  Taking Care of Your Teeth  
  Simple Steps to Better Dental Health  
  Crafts for Kids: Dental Health Month  
  Dental Activities  
  Colgate Kids  
  Dental Health Unit  
  National Bird Feeding Month  
  Audubon Adventures  
  Great Backyard Bird Count  
  Project Feeder Watch  
  Nest Watch  
  Cornell Lab of Ornithology  
  Educator's Guide to Bird Study  
  Patuxent Wildlife Research Center  
  Bird Sleuth  
  Operation Ruby Throat  
  All About Birds Blog  
  Snow Crystals  
  Coloring Activities  
  Web Weather for Kids  
  Winter Storms  
  The Snowflake Man  
  Groundhog Day - February 2nd  
  Note: Some sites may be overloaded on February 2nd.  
  Project Groundhog  
  Groundhog Day  
  Groundhog Facts  
  Groundhog Day History  
  The Marmot Burrow  
  Wiarton Willie (Canadian Groundhog Day)  
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